Aims & Objectives

In conformity with the Resolutions adopted at the All India Muslim Personal Law Convention, Mumbai, 27-28 December, 1972, the aims & objectives of the Board shall be:


  • To take effective steps to protect the Muslim Personal Law in India and for the retention, and implementation of the Shariat Act;
  • To strive for the annulment of all such Laws, passed by or on the anvil in any State Legislature or Parliament, and such judgments by courts of Law which may directly or indirectly amount to interference in or run parallel to the Muslim Personal Law or, in the alternative, to see that the Muslims are exempted from the ambit of such legislations.
  • To promote awareness among Muslims about the Laws and teachings of, and rights conferred and duties cast by Shariah in the sphere of their family and social life, and to publish and disseminate literature for that purpose;
  • To publish and popularize the personal Laws of Muslims as laid down by Shariah and to prepare a comprehensive framework for their implementation on and observance by the Muslims;
  • To set up an ‘Action Committee’ as and when needed, for safeguarding the Muslim Personal Law through which organised countrywide campaign is taken up in order to implement decisions of the Board;
  • To constantly keep watch, through a committee of Ulama and legists, over the state or Central legislations and Bills; or Rules framed and circulars issued by the government and semi government bodies, to see if these, in any manner, affect the Muslim Personal Law;
  • To promote good-will, fraternity, and the feeling of mutual cooperation among all sects and schools of thought among Muslims, and to generate the spirit of unity and co-ordination among them for the common goal of safeguarding the Muslim Personal Law;
  • To scrutinize the ‘Mohammedan Law’ as now in force in India, in the light of Shariah and to arrange for an analytical study of the different schools of Islamic jurisprudence while keeping in view the new issues and to search for their proper solution based on the Quran and Sunnah, sticking to the principles of Shariah under the guidance of those well-versed in Shariah and Islamic jurisprudence;
  • To set up delegations and study teams; organize conferences, seminars, symposia, public meetings and undertake tours and to publish and disseminate suitable literature, as and when needed, to bring out newspapers, periodicals, and newsletters and to perform all other acts as may be necessary, for achieving the aims and objectives of the Board in general.
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