Islam provides comprehensive guidance to its followers in every sphere of life, belief, prayers, social behaviour, civil conduct, personal and social relationship, family affairs and personal life.Islam has given a code to the Muslims in all these matters. It is for the reason that the source of those laws which embrace the personal and family lives of the Muslims (commonly known as Personal Law) is neither the practice (Urf)and conventions, nor customs, compromises, human decisions, the experiences and advice of philosophers, intellectuals and moral preachers. In Fact the fountainhead of the social order and Personal Law of Muslims is the Book (Quran)revealed by Allah and the Sunnah (of the Prophet) which explains and elucidate sit and on the veracity and trustworthiness of which every Muslim has an unshakable faith. Thus, these laws of Muslims are an integral and inseparable part of their religion which are based on the guidance given by the Prophet under divine inspiration. Therefore the issue of their Personal Law is not merely a cultural issue or an issue of customary practices for the Muslims Rather it is an issue which concerns the safeguarding and conservation of their religion which burdens them with grave responsibilities and they are, as a result, very sensitive about it.



By the command of God, the only action is not essential therein.

By the side of God, for His creatures, the way to spend the life has been determined, it, shariatul Mecca Raw, Specifically and change in its situation, prophet Muhammed (PBUH) had elaborated, not elaborated the parts and details, sufficiently such as financial transaction and political issues, so that according to the changes of era to be made the orders applicable, while certain issues of life, also mentioned aims, and to its practical shape there are also efforts have made to elaborate mostly these are worships and family life.

Meaning of issues of family life is marriage, divorce, rights of parents and children and spouses legally etc., to do the Experts of Islamic law, has made integration, of marriages and in the present legal terminology ,called as personal Law, the roots of these Laws in Quran and Sunna are attached with, too deeply, but it is true that the marriage has not elaborated, hence Muslims where they are bound over to comply the law, not to comply the law, refused to accept.

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